Welcome To Mount Mayhem Haunt

Mount Mayhem has reached the dimensions of Hades, Dreams, Darklings, and the sinister Glomung, but we have failed to discover the intensity who has fostered these legends. Mother has arrived at Mount Mayhem, and is ready to unleash her vengeance on Phoenix this October. Our beloved creator is here to stake her claim on all the children of Mount Mayhem. She will unleash her revolting poison, and infect all that live in the bleak realm of Mount Mayhem. Watch out, for this is no ordinary October. This is Lamia… and she is here to stay.

Key Points

* This a Halloween display is at a private residence and put together by the kids and family.

* This Halloween display is in our backyard and small groups (up to 5) can go through at a time.

* Please read the rules on the side bar and please wear covered shoes. NO heels or flip flops...

* There are live actors as well as moving and non-moving props.

* We do this because we love Halloween and creativity for our neighborhood.

* The haunt is complimentary but donations are accepted.

* No actors will scream or touch you.

* We spend over 150 hours yearly building all our props and we change themes yearly.

* So with that being said please feel free to bring your kids as this is a family friendly yard haunt.

* Enter at Your Own Risk

* We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone!


Mount Mayhem 2017 Teaser


2017 Lamia Commercial

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1740 E. Purdue Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Info Line: 602-507-7160

Important Info

Dates: October 26, 27, 28, 29, 31

Times: 7:00pm - 9:30pm


* All minors must be accompanied by an adult. This is a home haunt for the love of Halloween.

* This is a family run haunt so everything you will enjoy at this haunt has been made and put together with the family and volunteers so please respect the haunt.

* Most of all have fun!


Do and Don't

DO - bring your whole family

DO - stay with the group you go in with

DO - watch your step while going through the haunt

DO - respect the actors space

DON'T - hit the actors

DON'T - run

DON'T - wear high heels, wedges, or flip flops